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Do you want to tint your windows?

If you own a shop in the West Midlands area, protect your window displays by having your windows tinted. Having your shop windows tinted can reduce problems such as your stock fading from the sun's rays, reduce the temperature and considerably cut down glare.

Our dedicated office window tinting service will improve the light quality in your office, removing the sun's glare from your computer screen and presentation boards.

Our dedicated domestic window tinting service will improve the exterior style of your home, and for those with a conservatory, tinting will help keep your room cool and comfortable.

What are the benefits of tinting windows?


Reduces glare in building

 Prevent stock  fading


Prevents fading of furniture, carpet,            curtains or wood flooring


Help to save on energy bill


 Added safety in case of break in


 Protection against the suns UV rays

 Removes glare from computer screens

What buildings do you tint?

We are able to tint any building including houses, offices, shops, bars, huts and mansions.

We can tint any size, shape or make of windows and any other glass panes.

What makes your tints good?

We use the leading tinting technology in the industry and source our films from well-known suppliers such as Solar-Guard. Our tints are installed professionally and to the highest quality.

Our tinting guarantee:

We offer a 10-year guarantee on all our tints, so if you ever have an issue

get in touch with our teams and we will be able to help.

TintShop Employee tinting windows
Tinted office windows
Exterior image of house with tinted windows
TintShop tinting indoor office windows with black tint
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